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3 Bad Men

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Released – August, 1926 

Directed By – John Ford

Starring – George O’Brien (Dan O’Malley), Olive Borden (Lee Carlton), Lou Tellegen (Sheriff Layne Hunter), Tom Santschi (“Bull” Stanley), J. Farrell MacDonald (Mike Costigan), Frank Campeau (“Spade” Allen).

Description – It’s 1876, and Dan O’Malley has stopped to help fix a broken wagon wheel for Mr. Carleton and his daughter Lee. This chance meeting will change the lives of all.

The Carleton’s are on their way to Custer, Dakota to stake a claim for gold found by Lee’s father in Sioux territory and wait for President Grant to issue a proclamation authorizing exploration of the Indian lands.

Along the trail, they are attacked by horse thieves and Mr. Carleton is killed. Luckily, Lee and Dan are saved by an unlikely trio of outlaws, “Bull” Stanley, Mike Costigan, and “Spade” Allen. the outlaw’s, all wanted by the law from Mexico to Canada, are also on their way to join the anticipated gold rush.

Though they themselves are horse thieves, their sympathy for Lee’s loss of her father inspires them to protect the girl and her new found sweetheart.

In Custer, corrupt Sheriff Layne Hunter rules with a vicious hand and has his sights set on the gold claim that Lee and her father wish to claim.

The unlikely trio of hero’s must protect Lee and Dan from Hunter and his henchmen so that they may stake the claim that rightfully belongs to Lee. This task won’t be an easy one as Sheriff Hunter and his men are ready, and will, kill for the claim.

NOTABLE: One of director John Ford’s earliest, and best silent films.

Location shooting was done in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Mojave Desert, California.