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The Curse of Frankenstein

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

The Curse of Frankenstein / Taste the Blood of Dracula

Tagline – The creature created by man and forgotten by nature!

Starring – Peter Cushing (Victor Frankenstein), Hazel Court (Elizabeth), Robert Urquhart (Paul Krempe), Christopher Lee (the Creature).

Released – June, 1957

Directed By – Terence Fisher

Produced By – Warner Brothers, Hammer Films

Distributed By – Warner Brothers

Description – In prison awaiting his execution for murder, Victor Frankenstein is telling his story to a priest. After his mother’s death, young Victor assumes sole control of the family estate.

Out of his inheritance Victor agrees to pay his Aunt Sophia and cousin Elizabeth a monthly stipend. Sofia, thinking of acquiring more, suggests to Victor that Elizabeth may one day make a good wife.

In an effort to continue his education, Victor hires Paul Krempe to tutor him. Several years of study have brought Victor up to the educational level of Krempe and the two decide to work together on some scientific experiments.

These experiments lead to the pair successfully bringing a dead dog back to life. Victor now believes that the theory behind this success may very well work on a human body as well.

They start right away, but before long Krempe loses his taste for the project. The scavenging of human body parts has begun to sicken him and with the arrival of now fully-grown cousin and fiance to Victor, Elizabeth, Krempe withdraws from the experiment.

Victor, now searching for an intelligent brain for his creation, murders a distinguished professor. During the removal of the brain, Victor and Krempe have a struggle resulting in some damage to the brain. The fear of just what is taking place causes Krempe to try andĀ convince Elizabeth to leave the estate for her own safety. She refuses.

With the creature now assembled, Victor brings it back to life. However, the damaged brain has caused the creation to be both psychotic and violent. There is no other choice but to lock the creature up.

The creature manages to escape and it is not long before it murders an old blind man and this act may only be the beginning.

NOTABLE: The Curse of Frankenstein was the first meeting of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Their friendship lasted until Cushing’s death in 1994.

For many years The Curse of Frankenstein was the most profitable film to be produced in England by a British studio.

It is the belief of many film historians that the success of this film caused a resurrection of the horror film genre which had steadily declined in popularity from the 1930’s and early 1940’s.

Of all the Frankenstein films produced, this was the first to be made in color.