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Fixed Bayonets

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Fixed Bayonets

Starring – Richard Basehart (Cpl. Denno), Gene Evans (Sgt. Rock), Michael O’Shea (Sgt. Lonergan), Richard Hylton (Medic John Wheeler), Skip Homeier (Whitey).

Released – December, 1951

Directed By – Samuel Fuller

Produced By –¬† Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Distributed By –¬†Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Description – Exciting Korean War drama about a single platoon assigned to defend a hill in enemy territory as the rest of their regiment retreats to safety in an effort to regroup.

A typically tough and realistic Sam Fuller production that offers insight into the psychological aspects of those forced to lead what may be a doomed mission. A great deal of authenticity is added to the film through the use of U.S. Army Medal of Honor winner Raymond Harvey as technical advisor.

NOTABLE: Although uncredited, this was the first feature film appearance of James Dean.