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Saturday, June 15th, 2013


Tagline – The raw, savage, sceen-searing story of the treasury’s tough guys!

Starring – Dennis O’Keefe (Dennis O’Brien), Mary Meade (Evangeline), Alfred Ryder (Tony Genaro), Wallace Ford (The Schemer), June Lockhart (Mary Genaro), Charles McGraw (Moxie).

Released – December, 1947

Directed By – Anthony Mann

Produced By – Edward Small Productions, Pathe Industries

Distributed By – Eagle-Lion Films

Description – The U. S. Treasury Department finally has an opportunity to get their hands on a sample of the paper being used in a large counterfeiting operation. The paper is good… very good, and would prove invaluable to the department’s investigation.

A Los Angeles informant had promised to turn the sample over to a Treasury agent, but before this could take place the informant is killed. Back to square one.

It’s now time for desperate measures and the Treasury Department decides to assign two of its agents to go undercover. The agents, Dennis O’Brien and Tony Genaro, under the assumed names of Harrigan and Galvani, will infiltrate the gang through connections in Detroit.

With the assistance of the Detroit police the agents now have a phony background to go along with their undercover identities. The pair approach local crime boss Carlo Vantucci looking for work. After Vantucci checks them out he hires the men to work in his counterfeit liquor stamps racket. It isn’t long before they learn of the mob’s Los Angeles connection, a man known as The Schemer.

With his new identity, agent O’Brien returns to Los Angeles to find The Schemer. O’Brien locates his man in a bath house and follows him back to a hotel where they both join an illegal dice game. O’Brien uses a phony bill in the game that immediately gets the attention of The Schemer who makes a deal with O’Brien to provide him with a higher quality paper in exchange for his two counterfeit plates.

The first half of the deal takes place with The Schemer providing some of the quality conterfeit paper to O’Brien. However, O’Brien will not turn over the other plate until he gets to meet the boss. Now, O’Brien and Genaro plan to set up The Schemer and his boss Shiv Triano.

Everything is looking good until Genaro and The Schemer are shopping in the Farmer’s Market. While there, Tony is recognized by a friend of his wife. He tells her, in front of The Schemer, that she is mistaken, but the incident makes The Schemer suspicious.

The boss arrives from China along with his second in command Diana Simpson. Diana lacks confidence in The Schemer and considers him a threat to their operation. She orders Schemer to be killed. Before his murder he tells Diana’s henchman Moxie that, on numerous occasions, Tony has tried to call San Francisco.

This information makes Tony very suspicious to Diana and Triano. Tony’s murder is next, as he is shot right in front of his partner, Dennis O’Brien. Once again the whole investigation is threatened and O’Brien may be next in line to die.

NOTABLE: T-Men received one Oscar nomination for Best Sound, Recording.

The motion picture was shot in semi-documentary style and is reportedly based on several actual Department of Treasury cases.


Road To Rio

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

The Bob Hope Collection (The Lemon Drop Kid / Road to Bali / Road to Rio / My Favorite Brunette / The Seven Little Foys)
Tagline – A Fiesta of Fun!

Starring – Bing Crosby (Scat Sweeney), Bob Hope (Hot Lips Barton), Dorothy Lamour (Lucia Maria de Andrade), Gale Sondergaard (Catherine Vail).

Released – December, 1947

Directed By – Norman McLeod

Produced By – Paramount Pictures, Bing Crosby Productions, Hope Enterprises

Distributed By – Paramount Pictures

Description – A fiesta of fun!

NOTABLE: Road to Rio received an Oscar nomination for Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture.

Road to Rio was the fifth in the seven film series of “Road” movies for Bing Crosby and Bob Hope and, at 100 minutes, the longest.

The Andrews Sister guest-appearance in the film was the only time that they appeared with Bing Crosby in a motion picture. It was also the last on-screen singing performance for the sisters.



Body and Soul

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Body and Soul [Blu-ray]

Tagline – The story of a guy that women go for!

Starring – John Garfield (Charlie Davis), Lilli Palmer (Peg Born), Hazel Brooks (Alice), Anne Revere (Anna Davis), William Conrad (Quinn).

Released – November, 1947

Directed By – Robert Rossen

Produced By – Enterprise Productions

Distributed By – United Artists

Description – For middleweight boxing champion Charlie Davis, fighting his way out of the slums was the easy part.

Charlie starts boxing as a kid and he’s pretty good at it. Nothing is easy in Charlie’s neighborhood and making matters worse is tragedy. Charlie’s father is hard-working and dirt poor. He runs a family candy store and becomes the victim of a gangland bombing when a local mobster bombs a speakeasy located next to the store.

Against his mother’s wishes, Charlie decides to become a paid prize fighter. With his best friend “Shorty,” acting as his manager, and small-time fight trainer Quinn in his corner, Charlie works his way up to a title shot.

Charlie’s quick rise has been noticed by a crooked promoter named Roberts who buys his rights and assumes control of his career. It just so happens that Roberts also owns the contract of the current champion and he has his own plans for Charlie.

This new arrangement, and it’s associations with the mob, have an immediate impact on Charlie’s personal life. Charlie has just gotten engaged to girlfriend Peg Born, but his new future prospects, and the promises of Roberts, cause him to cancel the wedding. Peg leaves him, and his mother, now penniless, disowns him. Charlie’s decent is off to a quick start.

But, Charlie is blind to the pain he has caused and has only one thing is sight… to become champion. He believes that as champ he will be able to fix anything that has gone wrong.

Roberts sets Charlie up with a swanky apartment and plenty in cash advances. Charlie falls deeper and deeper into what will be an eventual setup while Roberts gains greater control over him.

Charlie does win the title causing severe injury to the then champ. Best friend Shorty, who has been with Charlie since the beginning, has finally had enough of the whole mob connected and controlled business and ends up both fired… and dead.

The stage is set. Now, Charlie is the champ and there is another up-and-coming fighter looking for his title. Roberts is holding the reins and orders Charlie to throw the fight for a cool $60,000.

NOTABLE: Body and Soul won the Oscar for Best Film Editing, and received nominations for Best Actor in a Leading Role (John Garfield), and Best Writing, Original Screenplay.

The innovative camera work in the boxing ring was shot by cinematographer James Wong Howe, who was hand-picked by Garfield for the film. Howe held the camera while on roller skates being pushed around the ring by an assistant.

Many in the cast and crew found themselves victim’s of the House on Un-American Activities Committee. They included writer Abraham Polonsky, actors John Garfield, Ann Revere, Lloyd Gough, Canada Lee, Art Smith, Shimen Ruskin, producer Bob Roberts, and cinematographor Howe.


Life With Father

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Life With Father – 1947 Color (Digitally Remastered Version)

Tagline – Here for all!! All the happiness of the play that ran longer, with the laughs that were louder, than any known before!

Starring – William Powell (Clarence Day, Sr.), Irene Dunne (Vinnie Day), Elizabeth Taylor (Mary Skinner), Edmund Gwenn (Rev. Dr. Lloyd), ZaSu Pitts (Cousin Cora Cartwright).

Released – September, 1947

Directed By – Michael Curtiz

Produced By  – Warner Brothers

Distributed By – Warner Brothers

NOTABLE:  Life with Father received four Oscar nominations for Best Actor in a Leading Role (William Powell), Best Cinematography, Color, Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color, and Best Music Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture.

The film was based on the stage play that ran for 3,224 performances and held the record for the longest non-musical run on Broadway. The play still stands as the sixteenth longest running Broadway production in history.

Silent screen legend Mary Pickford, after a thirteen year absense, was to have made her big screen comeback in the role of Vinnie, but Irene Dunne was given the role due to her current box-office appeal.



The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer

Tagline – Rollicking Romantics!

Starring – Cary Grant (Richard Nugent), Myrna Loy (Judge Margaret Turner), Shirley Temple (Susan Turner), Rudy Vallee (Tommy Chamberlain).

Released – September, 1947

Directed By – Irving Reis

Produced By – RKO Radio Pictures, Vanguard Films

Distributed By – RKO Radio Pictures

NOTABLE: The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer won the Oscar for Best Writing, Original Screenplay.

At the time of filming, character sisters Myrna Loy, and Shirley Temple’s ages were 22 years apart.

“The Screen Guild Theater” broadcast a 30 minute radio adaptation of the movie on May 10, 1948 with Cary Grant, Myrna Loy and Shirley Temple reprising their film roles.