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Men In War

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Men in War [Blu-ray]

Tagline – They Fought For Their Honor!

Starring – Robert Ryan (Lieutenant Benson), Aldo Ray (Sgt. Joseph R. “Montana” Willomet), Robert Keith (The Colonel), Phillip Pine (Sgt. Riordan), Nehemiah Persoff (Sgt. First Class Nate Lewis), Vic Morrow (Corp. James Zwickley).

Released – March, 1957

Directed By – Anthony Mann

Produced By – Security Pictures

Distributed By – United Artists

Description – Korea, September 1950, a platoon from the 24th Infantry Division finds itself isolated and cut off in enemy territory. Radio contact is lost and the men find themselves being killed, almost one-by-one, by enemy snipers.

Lieutenant Benson commands the platoon and is following very vague instructions to get to Hill 465 where he hopes the rest of the Division are located. The men are on foot when a lone jeep approaches being driven by Sgt. Joe ‘Montana’ Willomet. His passenger is a shell-shocked Colonel.

Sgt. Willomet and the Colonel are fleeing the battle of Nakdong River where the Colonel’s men were virtually wiped out. Sgt. Willomet thinks of the Colonel as he would his own father and has no intentions of turning over his jeep to Lt. Benson.

However, Lt. Benson and his men force Sgt. Willomet to turn over the jeep and continue on with them to Hill 465. Battle-hardened Sgt. Willomet proves invaluable to Lt. Benson as he saves them from a captured Korean soldier with a hidden weapon.

The rest of the trip proves to be a long, treacherous journey. When the men finally arrive at Hill 465 they find that it has been captured by Korean soldiers and must try to get it back. The hill will run red with blood before this day is over.

NOTABLE: The Pentagon refused to cooperate with the production of Men in War due to its depiction of a US Army unit without discipline.

Director Anthony Mann made his mark with 1940’s Film’s Noir and early 1950’s Westerns. He used elements of both types of film in the making of Men In War.


Fixed Bayonets

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Fixed Bayonets

Starring – Richard Basehart (Cpl. Denno), Gene Evans (Sgt. Rock), Michael O’Shea (Sgt. Lonergan), Richard Hylton (Medic John Wheeler), Skip Homeier (Whitey).

Released – December, 1951

Directed By – Samuel Fuller

Produced By –  Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Distributed By – Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Description – Exciting Korean War drama about a single platoon assigned to defend a hill in enemy territory as the rest of their regiment retreats to safety in an effort to regroup.

A typically tough and realistic Sam Fuller production that offers insight into the psychological aspects of those forced to lead what may be a doomed mission. A great deal of authenticity is added to the film through the use of U.S. Army Medal of Honor winner Raymond Harvey as technical advisor.

NOTABLE: Although uncredited, this was the first feature film appearance of James Dean.

The Steel Helmet

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Eclipse Series 5: The First Films of Samuel Fuller (The Baron of Arizona / I Shot Jesse James / The Steel Helmet) (The Criterion Collection)

Tagline – Hits Hard at Your Heart!

Starring – Gene Evans (Sgt. Zack), Robert Hutton (Pvt. Bronte), Steve Brodie (Lt. Driscoll), James Edwards (Cpl. Thompson), Richard Loo (Sgt. Tanaka), Sid Melton (Joe).

Released – February, 1951

Directed By – Samuel Fuller

Produced By – Deputy Corporation

Distributed By – Lippert Pictures

Description – Sgt. Zack is a war-hardened, lone survivor of a North Korean attack that has wiped out his entire company who now finds himself in charge of a group of American soldiers who have been separated from their own units.

This odd group of soldiers, that include a conscientious objector, a Japanese/American, and a black medic, find themselves holed up in a Buddhist temple awaiting the enemies next move. Complicating matters is their captured North Korean Major who attempts to divide the group using one against the other.

NOTABLE: A fine low-budget war melodrama with a surprisingly modern-day view of war was, almost unbelievably, filmed in ten days. How low-budget? A Chinese tank that attacks Sgt. Zack’s patrol is actually make of plywood.

The extras used in this film were students from UCLA who portrayed both North Korean and American soldiers.

The Steel Helmet was the first motion picture to be based on the Korean War.