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The Charge of the Light Brigade

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

The Charge of the Light Brigade

Tagline – The reckless lancers sweep on and on – so that a woman’s heart may not be broken!

Starring – Errol Flynn (Major Geoffrey Vickers), Olivia de Havilland (Elsa Campbell), Patric Knowles (Captain Perry Vickers), Henry Stephenson (Sir Charles Macefield), Nigel Bruce (Sir Benjamin Warrenton), Donald Crisp (Colonel Campbell), David Niven (Captain James Randall).

Released – October, 1936

Directed By – Michael Curtiz

Produced By – Warner Brothers

Distributed By – Warner Brothers

Description – This motion picture is loosely based on the famous Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War.

Major Geoffrey Vickers and his brother Captain Perry Vickers are stationed in India with the 27th Lancers of the British Army during the Crimean War. Geoffrey is also engaged to Elsa Campbell the daughter of Colonel Campbell.

Geoffrey and English diplomat Sir Henry Harcourt are away meeting with tribal leader Amir Surat Khan to tell him that the British can no longer provide funds as they had promised. This information angers Khan, but while on a leopard hunt his life is saved by Geoffrey winning his personal loyalty as his anger at the British grows.

Geoffrey returns to Calcutta and learns that, while he was away, Elsa has fallen in love with his brother Perry. This news causes the brothers to quarrel bitterly, but before the problem escalates Geoffrey is sent to battle renegade tribesmen.

After the completion of this mission, Geoffrey moves on to Chukoti where Colonel Campbell and Elsa are not located. Perry has been sent to a nearby base in Lohara. Meanwhile, Surat Khan has been gathering his forces and when Colonel Campbell’s troops are ordered to Lohara on maneuvers Chukoti is left virtually without defense.

Surat Khan attacks and brutally slaughters the inhabitants including Colonel Campbell. Geoffrey and Elsa are spared by Khan as payment for Geoffrey saving Khan’s life. After they flee, Elsa convinces Geoffrey that she truly loves his brother Perry. Geoffrey has no choice but to accept this as fact.

To protect his brother from the next attack, Geoffrey sends him away. Surat Khan has now joined forces with the Russians and Geoffrey is ordered by Sir Charles Macefield, the commander of the British forces in the Crimea, not to attack.

Still enraged by the slaughter at Chukoti, Geoffrey rewrites the orders and leads the Lancers on a death charge against Surat Khan.

NOTABLE: The Charge of the Light Brigade won the Oscar for Best Assistant Director (Jack Sullivan), and was also nominated for Best Music, Score, and Best Sound, Recording.

During the famous charge scene, trip wires were set up on the battlefield to trip up the charging horses. Tragically, depending on which report you choose to believe, 25-200 horses were killed filming this scene. This act of animal cruelty caused the U.S. Congress to enact laws insuring the safety of animals in motion pictures.

A stuntman was also killed during filming, as he fell off his horse onto a broken sword that was wedged in a way that left it’s blade facing upward.

The Charge of the Light Brigade was the second of nine romantic pairings by Warner Brothers for Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland.


Little Lord Fauntleroy

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Starring – Freddie Bartholomew (Cedric “Ceddie” Errol), Dolores Costello (“Dearest” Errol), C. Aubrey Smith (Earl of Dorincourt), Guy Kibbee (Mr. Hobbs), Henry Stephenson (Havisham), Mickey Rooney (Dick).

Released – April, 1936

Directed By – John Cromwell

Produced By – Selznick International Pictures

Distributed By – United Artists

Description – With the passing of his father, young Ceddie Errol and his mother live modestly in 1880’s Brooklyn while his father’s family live with wealth and status in England.

Ceddie’s father was disowned, by his very prejudiced English grandfather the Earl of Dorincourt, for marrying an American, and cut off from the family’s wealth. However, when the Earl loses his last son, the laws of inheritance progression make Ceddie the next heir.

The Earl sends his lawyer, Havisham, to America to bring Ceddie to England. Mrs. Errol accompanies her son, but she is denied accommodation at Dorincourt castle. Mrs. Errol decides to keep the fact that this is due to the Earl’s prejudice from Ceddie to spare his feelings.

With Ceddie now ready to assume his role as Lord Fauntleroy, the Earl wishes to set him up with an allowance. This idea is not approved by Mrs. Errol and she refuses the allowance.

Well-mannered and courteous, Ceddie slowly begins to win over the Earl and his family. A grand party is planned where the Earl plans to introduce his grandson to British society. At the conclusion of what was a wonderful party, the Earl’s lawyer Havisham speaks with him about a claim that Ceddie is not the rightful heir and that there is proof that this is true.

Heartbroken, the Earl seems to have no choice but to accept the claim as valid. When the news makes the papers back in Brooklyn, an old childhood friend of Ceddie believes this claim to be no more than the plan of a fortune-hunting woman whom he recognizes as his actress sister-in-law.

NOTABLE: As a result of problems with the Internal Revenue Service, Selznick International Pictures was liquidated and this motion picture now is in the public domain.