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Gold Diggers of 1935

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Gold Diggers of 1935

Starring – Dick Powell (Dick Curtis), Adolphe Menjou (Nicolai Nicoleff), Gloria Stuart (Ann Prentiss), Alice Brady (Mrs. Prentiss), Hugh Hubert (T. Mosley Thorpe), Glenda Farrell (Betty Hawes).

Released – March, 1935

Directed By – Busby Berkeley

Produced By – First National Pictures

Distributed By – Warner Brothers

Description – Working his way through medical school, desk clerk Dick Curtis is made an offer too good to pass up. Wealthy Mrs. Prentiss has offered to pay Dick a handsome sum just to serve as an escort to her daughter Ann for the summer.

Even Dick’s fiancee Arline goes along with the idea. It seems that Mrs. Prentiss wants Ann, despite her objections, to marry middle-aged millionaire T. Mosley Thorpe, and providing Ann with a summer escort is her way of protecting Ann from potential suitors.

Mrs. Prentiss hopes to avoid marital troubles such as those suffered by Ann’s brother Humboldt who is a sucker for a pretty face. The rich, but thrifty, Mrs. Prentiss has had to bail Humboldt out of a number of embarrassing situations.

With the arrival of summer comes the pet project of Mrs. Prentiss – a charity show for the “Milk Fund.” Mrs. Prentiss hires flamboyant, but somewhat shifty Russian dance director Nicolai Nicoleff to direct the show and has provided him a very tight budget.

However, Nicolai, his set designer, the hotel manager, and even the hotel stenographer, who just happens to be blackmailing Thorpe, are all looking to milk the wealthy Mrs. Prentiss for as much of her money as they can get.

Engagements will be broken, new romances will bloom, and Mrs. Prentiss just may be out a few bucks. As for the charity show… it will be great!

NOTABLE: Gold Diggers of 1935 won the Academy Award for Best Music, Original Song (Lullaby of Broadway), and was also nominated for Best Dance Direction.

This was the third of five films in the Gold Diggers series of musical comedies.

Busby Berkeley’s elaborate production number, “The Words Are in My Heart” used 56 white grand pianos.


The Invisible Man

Monday, May 24th, 2010

The Invisible Man [Blu-ray]

Tagline – H.G. Well’s Fantastic Sensation!

Starring – Claude Rains (The Invisible Man), Gloria Stuart (Flora Cranley), William Harrigan (Dr. Arthur Kemp), Henry Travers (Dr. Cranley).

Released – November, 1933

Directed By – James Whale

Produced By – Universal Pictures

Distributed By – Universal Pictures

Description – A mysterious stranger, with his eyes shielded by dark glasses and his face covered by bandages, checks into an inn located in an English village. He demands that the staff leave him completely alone while never leaving his room.

His strange behavior causes the innkeeper to call the police and order him to leave. After assaulting the innkeeper he laughs maniacally as he removes the bandages showing himself to be invisible.

This is Dr. Jack Griffin, a scientist who, while working on a strange new drug called “Monocane,” has accidentally discovered the ability to make himself invisible. Dr. Griffin reveals his secret to his one-time partner Dr. Arthur Kemp and to his fiancee Flora Cranley.

Dr. Griffin forces Dr. Kemp to return with him to the inn in order to retrieve his notes on the invisibility process and while there kills a policeman. This is just the beginning of a series of killings and robberies that follow and threaten the lives of both Dr. Kemp, who Griffin has threatened to kill, and Flora Cranley.

While Monocane has given Dr. Griffin the power of invisibility, he has overlooked one thing. The use of the drug renders its user insane. Now you see him, and now you don’t. It’s catch me if you can when pursuing an invisible man.

NOTABLE: In 2008, The Invisible Man was selected for the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

The Invisible Man is considered one of the great Universal horror films of the 1930’s, and was the first American screen appearance for Claude Rains.

The films groundbreaking visual effects were created by John P. Fulton, John J. Mescall, and Frank D. Williams. Their work is often credited with the films success.

Personal Note: This is classic horror/sci-fi at it’s best. Although starting off with the use of invisibility in a comic fashion it turns deadly from then on.