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Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Sunrise S.e. (1927 vers.) [Blu-ray]

Starring – George O’Brien (The Man), Janet Gaynor (The Wife), Margaret Livingston (The woman from the city), Bodil Rosing (The Maid).

Released – November, 1927

Directed By – F. W. Murnau

Produced By – Fox Film Corporation

Distributed By – Fox Film Corporation

Description – When a seductive, scheming, woman from the city meets and starts an affair with a simple-living farmer only trouble can follow.

A vacationing city woman hangs around a small town much longer than expected. She has been having an affair with a farmer who has fallen under her spell. The woman sees the farmer as an opportunity to seize an easier life.

One night, after donning a slinky black dress, the city woman goes to the home of the farmer, his wife, and their child. She signals for the farmer and waits secretly outside for him. After awhile he comes out and the pair sneak off for another tryst.

However, this tryst is a little different. The woman from the city suggests that the farmer drown his wife making it look like an accident. Then the pair can live together in the city. At first the farmer violently objects, but the lustful spell of the city woman eventually wins out.

The plan is that the farmer will go boating with his wife, throw her overboard, and make it appear that he was the only one to survive an overturned boat. He will cling to bundles of reeds to stay afloat and make it to shore.

The wife suspects nothing when asked by her husband to go for a boat ride on the local lake. It is only when out on the lake that she becomes increasingly uncomfortable due to her husbands unusual and bizarre behavior.

The husband starts to throw his wife over the side of the boat when he suddenly realizes what a horrible thing he is doing. He stops and immediately, and hurriedly, rows toward shore. When there his, now very fearful, wife runs away. He follows.

Afraid to return to their remote home she boards a trolley for the city. He also boards the trolly. Desperately trying to get his wife to forgive him, and after a tearful reconciliation, they talk and walk around the city. They have their picture taken, make a visit to a local barber shop, enter a church to watch a wedding, go to an amusement park, and spend some time dancing. After dark, they board the trolley for the ride home.

Again they must cross the lake by boat. As they row across the lake a storm begins to start up. Fearful that the boat may overturn, the man ties the groups of reeds around his wife. The storm worsens, the boat capsizes, and the man is washed to the shore.

With no sign of his wife he asks the townspeople to help look for her. All that is found is a broken bundle of reeds floating in the water.

The commotion of the search has gotten the attention of the city woman who now believes that the plan to murder the farmers wife has been successful.

NOTABLE: Sunrise won Oscar’s for Best Picture, Unique and Artistic Production (This was the only year that this specific award was given out), Best Actress in a Leading Role (Janet Gaynor), and Best Cinematography. The film was also nominated for Best Art Direction.

In 1989, Sunrise was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

Sunrise was one of the first motion pictures to include a soundtrack of music and sound effects using the new Fox Movietone sound-on-film system.

Sunrise became the first silent-film to be released on Blu-Ray in 2009 by Eureka Entertainment in the United Kingdom.


3 Bad Men

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

3 Bad Men (1926) [Blu-ray]

Tagline – Civilization marches West – Homesteaders in search of gold, liberty and happiness.

Starring – George O’Brien (Dan O’Malley), Olive Borden (Lee Carlton), Lou Tellegen (Sheriff Layne Hunter), Tom Santschi (“Bull” Stanley), J. Farrell MacDonald (Mike Costigan), Frank Campeau (“Spade” Allen).

Released – August, 1926

Directed By – John Ford

Produced By – Fox Film Corporation

Distributed By – Fox Film Corporation

Description – It’s 1876, and Dan O’Malley has stopped to help fix a broken wagon wheel for Mr. Carleton and his daughter Lee. This chance meeting will change the lives of all.

The Carleton’s are on their way to Custer, Dakota to stake a claim for gold found, by Lee’s father, in Sioux territory and wait for President Grant to issue a proclamation authorizing exploration of the Indian lands.

Along the trail, they are attacked by horse thieves and Mr. Carleton is killed. Luckily, Lee and Dan are saved by an unlikely trio of outlaws, “Bull” Stanley, Mike Costigan, and “Spade” Allen. the outlaw’s, all wanted by the law from Mexico to Canada, are also on their way to join the anticipated gold rush.

Though they themselves are horse thieves, their sympathy for Lee’s loss of her father inspires them to protect the girl and her new found sweetheart.

In Custer, corrupt Sheriff Layne Hunter rules with a vicious hand and has his sights set on the gold claim that Lee and her father had wished to claim.

The unlikely trio of hero’s must protect Lee and Dan from Hunter and his henchmen so that they may stake the claim that rightfully belongs to Lee. This task won’t be an easy one as Sheriff Hunter and his men are ready and willing to kill for the claim.

NOTABLE: 3 Bad men is one of director John Ford’s earliest, and best silent films.

Location shooting was done in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Mojave Desert, California.


The Iron Horse

Monday, October 4th, 2010

The Iron Horse

Tagline – Blazing the Trail of Love and Civilization!

Starring – George O’Brien (Davy Brandon), Madge Bellamy (Miriam Marsh), Charles Edward Bull (Abraham Lincoln), Cyril Chadwick (Peter Jesson), Will Walling (Thomas Marsh).

Released – August, 1924

Directed By – John Ford

Produced By – Fox Film Corporation

Distributed By – Fox Film Corporation

Description – Davy Brandon and his father set off to find a route to build the first transcontinental railroad. They come across a pass that will shorten the expected route by 200 miles. This is a great find until they are attacked by a group of Cheyenne Indians led by a white renegade.

Davy, who is hidden, witnesses his father’s  murder and scalping at the hand of a killer with only two fingers on his right hand.

Many years pass, Davy is now grown and President Lincoln has just signed a bill authorizing the construction of the Union and Central Pacific Railways. Thomas Marsh is the contractor with Peter Jesson as his Chief Engineer. Jesson is also engaged to Miriam Marsh a close childhood friend of Davy.

The original route is used for the rail line with the work being done by Chinese, Italians, and Irish laborers. The project runs into nothing but trouble with constant attacks by Indians and a stolen payroll.

Davy, who is now a pony express rider, remembers his fathers discovery of the shortcut and offers to help find it again. However, there are those who will greatly benefit with the use of the original route and they are not about to let things change.

An exciting story of love, treachery, and revenge.

NOTABLE: During the filming of a climatic gun battle the cast and crew awoke to find that the area was covered in snow. It took all hands to clear the shooting site in order for the scene to be completed.

Shooting The Iron Horse, in a somewhat remote area, necessitated that the crew have their own bootlegger. Sadly, during one of the refreshment runs, the bootlegger allegedly struck and killed someone with his car.

The kitchen crew for this film was comprised mostly of Chinese. Some of these Chinese had worked on the original project in 1869.