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1930’s Hollywood Musicals Lift Our Spirits

Monday, March 14th, 2011

The Hollywood musical of the 1930’s provided a great deal more than just light entertainment. During and following the Great Depression, Hollywood produced a multitude of musicals that proved to be both entertaining and, more importantly, inspirational. This was a time in our nations history that presented enormous problems to the American people and their sagging spirit. The public needed an emotional lift and the Hollywood musical contributed greatly to help fill this need.

During these very difficult times, Hollywood responded to their audiences need for a “happy distraction” to what was going on around them. The Hollywood musicals of the 1930’s provided an opportunity to get away from it all for awhile and just feel good.

It’s important to understand that, despite the intense difficulties, most people of this generation did not sit around and feel sorry for themselves or blame others for their hardships. They pulled together and collectively gathered the strength necessary to put their lives back together. This took a great deal of hard work and emotional perseverance and accomplishing this task would also require periods of rest and emotional relaxation.

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Hollywood Musicals – Rich In History

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

The Hollywood musical is recognized as a distinguished part of motion picture history, playing an integral role in the evolution of movies during the 1920s through the 1950s. Today, despite this fact, most people are unaware of how they originally got their start. The development of moving pictures with sound during the 1920s paved the way for the era of Hollywood musicals. Prior to the development of the musical, as we know it, were some vaudeville fillers produced in the early 20th century that included music. While accepted by the audience, they were never as popular as the full-scale production Hollywood musicals that America came to love.

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