Kubrick’s Perfect Caper, The Killing

May, 1956 United Artists directing newcomer Stanley Kubrick has fashioned a crackling thriller titled The Killing. The film is based on the novel Clean Break by Lionel White and was co-scripted by Kubrick and pulp writer Jim Thompson.

Sterling Hayden stars as an ex-con with a plan for that “one last job.” And it’s a big one! A racetrack heist the likes of which has never been seen before┬áthat will clear a cool $2,000,000. Hayden plays veteran criminal Johnny Clay who has meticulously planned the robbery and put together a team that include a racetrack cashier, a crooked cop, a reformed alcoholic, a wrestler, a track bartender, and a sharpshooter.

Coleen Gray plays Johnny’s love interest Fay, who he hopes to marry after the crime and live the “straight life” happily ever after. A strong supporting cast make up the rest of the gang and include Elisha Cook, Jr., Ted de Corsia, Jay C. Flippen, Timothy Carey, Joe Sawyer, and former professional wrestler Kola Kwariani.

Film noir great Marie Windsor adds the poison element of betrayal to the mix and, along with boyfriend Vince Edwards, threaten to ruin a perfect plan that was perfectly executed with clockwok precision.

Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing is a tense and suspenseful motion picture shown from the viewpoint of each of the participants.

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