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Destination Tokyo

Destination Tokyo

Tagline – Explosive!… And As Big As The Broad Pacific.

Starring– Cary Grant (Capt. Cassidy), John Garfield (Wolf), Alan Hale (‘Cookie’ Wainwright), John Ridgely (Reserve Officer Raymond), Dane Clark (Tin Can).

Released – December, 1943

Directed By – Delmer Daves

Produced By – Warner Brothers

Distributed By – Warner Brothers

Description– It’s Christmas Eve and the submarine USS Copperfin is leaving San Francisco on a secret mission. The Copperfin is commanded by Captain Cassidy who is ordered to take the sub to the Aleutian Islands, pick up meteorologist Lieut. Raymond and proceed to Tokyo Bay and obtain vital weather intelligence for the planed Doolittle Raid.

Along the way they are attacked by two Japanese fighter planes and are able to repel the attack. But, a much greater challenge is just ahead.

As the submarine approaches Tokyo Bay they must navigate their way through the heavily mined waters that protect the bay. So far undetected, the sub follows a Japanese ship through the mines and is able to enter the bay.

Now, they must send a small party onto land in order to make their weather observations. A radio broadcast becomes necessary, and although they send it in Japanese, it is overheard and the Japanese begin a search of the bay.

There is still a long way to go as the Copperfin will encounter an aircraft carrier as well as a destroyer in order to complete their mission and return safely. If that’s even possible.

NOTABLE: Destination Tokyo received an Oscar nomination for Best Writing, Original Story.

Destination Tokyo was a great influence to then actor Ronald Reagan and his acceptance of a role as a World War II submarine Captain in the 1957 film Hellcats of the Navy.

The operation of the submarine in this film was so accurate that the Navy used it as a training film during World War II.

In an interview aired on Turner Class Movies, actor Tony Curtis stated that Cary Grant’s performance inspired him to become an actor.

The practice of one Hollywood studio “loaning” an actor to another studio came into play with this picture. Columbia Pictures loaned Cary Grant to Warner Brothers for this production.


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