China Seas

China Seas

Tagline – A challenge to all screen history!

Starring – Clark Gable (Alan Gaskell), Jean Harlow (Dolly Portland/China Doll), Wallace Beery (Jamesy MacArdle), Lewis Stone (Davids), Rosalind Russell (Sybil Barclay).

Released – August, 1935

Directed By – Tay Garnett

Produced By – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Distributed By – Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer

Description – Ship Captain Alan Gaskell is sailing from Hong Kong to Singapore with a large shipment of gold. Gaskell is in the process of trying to turn his hard-drinking life around. Why the change? His motivation comes in the form of a woman.

Refined Englishwoman Sybil Barclay has caught the captains eye and captured his heart. But, not everyone is happy with the situation. Gaskell’s former girlfriend China Doll is more than a little jealous and is trying everything within her power to get him back.

China Doll is a beautiful woman, but Gaskell is having none of it. Tired of her loud, obnoxious, and crude behavior, he makes it clear to her that they are through.

Furious at the rejection, China Doll conspires, with her drinking pal Jamesy MacArdle, to aid the Malay pirates in an attempt to take over the ship and steal the gold.

This oceangoing romantic triangle comes with a surprise ending as to who ends up with who, and just what did happened to all that gold?

NOTABLE: Clark Gable reportedly had a number of temper tantrums during filming. These were tolerated by MGM studio head Louis B. Mayer because Gable had just won an Academy Award for his work in It Happened One Night and Mayer, knowing Gable’s box office appeal, didn’t want to risk losing him.

During the shooting of China Seas, two stuntmen were nearly killed after being overcome by 50 tons of water.

The films perceived negative portrayal of those from Malaysia and Singapore resulted in the film being banned from both countries.


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